Thursday, December 28, 2006

Watch Eid Special telefilm on NTV Bangla via JumpTV

Eid-special telefilm: Chowkidar

Storyline: The play revolves around the ups and downs of an honest chowkidar from a rural area. The chowkidar dedicates his life to protect the property and lives of the villagers. For this reason some corrupt village elites conspire against him. As a result the chowkidar is fired from his job. However, he stays true to his calling and once again for the sake of his village dedicates himself to being a security guard.

The play is made under the banner of Ddhoni-Chitra.

Casting: Aly Zaker, Joyanto Chottopadhay, Iresh Zaker, Shoshi, Rahmat Ali, Sabiha Zaman and others.

Written by Rawnak Hasan and directed by Abdullah Rana.

The play will be telecast on the second day of Eid-ul-Azha at 12:50pm on NTV Bangla.

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Watch Music Express online via JumpTV

Music Express on NTV Bangla

MUSIC is an emotion, that can bind everyone. With music changing its phases from the traditional practices to a more western concept, it has become a subject for extreme scrutiny by artistes, viewers and listeners. The youth today is now interested to know where a particular composition has come from, how it has been composed and who played that amazing guitar solo. Keeping this in mind, various band shows have come up in the channels.

Music Express telecasted on NTV Bangla is such a musical show which caters to a great audience across the country . The emergence of the private channels have actually redefined real life for many in the country, starting from viewers interested in politics, gardening, interior decorations, music to cars and fashion. Ferdous Bappi's Music Express tells viewers what the new releases are, give briefs on the latest local and foreign music news and feature music videos, rock documentaries and interviews of bands and music groups.

Telecasted on NTV Bangla Mondays,Tuesdays and Fridays.

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Monday, December 18, 2006

Watch Megh Bolechhe Jabo Jabo on NTV Bangla online via JumpTV

Megh Bolechhe Jabo Jabo on NTV Bangla

Megh Bolechhe Jabo Jabo, a drama serial, telecasted on NTV Bangla is adapted from a novel by celebrated author Humayun Ahmed. The story of Megh Bolechhe Jabo Jabo follows a reclusive young man, Hasan, who lands an odd job of writing biography of the mysterious Hishamuddin.

Initially the job seems to be interesting to Hasan, but soon he realises that his income is not adequate to start a family with Titli --the object of his affection. Meanwhile Titli is being pushed into a marriage with someone else. Apparently, Hishamuddin discovers Hasan is a good-natured man and starts to rely heavily upon him. Hishamuddin's only daughter Chitralekha finds Hasan interesting as well. As the story unfolds Hasan is diagnosed with brain tumour and is hospitalised.The play will be aired every Thursday and Friday at 8:25 pm.

Directed by Taher Shipon, the play features Aly Zaker, Amirul Haque Chowdhury, Jayanto Chatyopadhyay, Dolly Zahur, Shahiduzzaman Selim, Wahida Mallick Jolly, Sharmin Shila, Sanjida Preeti, Intekhab Dinar and others in major roles. Assaduzza-man Noor is the advisory director of the play.

Watch it on NTV Bangla online via JumpTV.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Aktel Hip Hip Hurray - Online on NTV Bangla via JumpTV

Musical Game show on NTV Bangla

Aktel Hip Hip Hurrah, a musical game show is currently aired on NTV Bangla . The show features musical performances by two singers. An interesting competition is also included for the TV viewers participating from home and abroad. Viewers have to underbid each other in the game show through SMS.

Watch it on NTV Bangla every Saturday at 10:30 pm online via JumpTV.

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Friday, December 8, 2006

Watch Closeup 1 on NTV Bangla via JumpTV

Popular Television Show Closeup 1 on NTV Bangla

Close Up 1 Tomakeyee Khujchey Bangladesh, a popular television show on NTV Bangla, seeks to promote the gifted singers of the country. The programme airs two back-to-back prime-time shows a week: the first night features an hour of performances while the second night features the elimination round. The programme reveals tough competition, spectacular performances and the struggle to stardom laced with gripping drama and high emotions of the participants. The show has become extremely competitive.

As the Closeup 1-Tomakei Khujchche Bangladesh '06 talent hunt approaches its grand finale, the five remaining finalists -- Kishor Das, KM Abdullah Al Mortuza (Muhin), Salma Akhter, Nishita Barua and Ronty Das -- are upbeat about their chances of winning the coveted title.

The competition will heat up on 8th December at 9:25pm on NTV Bangla.

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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Shuvoshandha - Watch online on NTV Bangla

Shuvoshandha, NTV 's popular evening show is aired everyday at 6:20pm. The regular segments of the show provide information on current cultural activities across the country, anniversaries of famous personalities, interviews with guest celebrities, diplomats and successful personalities from different sectors.

Informal discussions between the presenter and locals and foreign guests on the wealth of art, culture, music, race, ethnicity, language and livelihood opens to the viewers the diversity that exists around the world.
Successful personalities from the world of art, literature, culture and diplomatic community at home and abroad are invited as guests for discussion in the Gaalgoppo segment.

Onno Chobi introduces viewers to internationally acclaimed feature films.Human appeals for help with medical treatments are made in the Haat Bariye Dao segment. Various beautiful and well-known places, art exhibitions, cultural programmes in and out of Dhaka are featured in Dekhechilam Chokher Aloy. Tobuo Trishna Metena highlights various tourist attractions around the country. Camerawala shows creative pictures and video footage sent by viewers. The producers are planning on introducing a new segment Ei Aronne featuring indigenous plants from the world over.

Shuvoshonda is scripted and produced by Swikriti Prasad Barua and presented by Tina Salem Manzoor, Kazi Jesin, Masuma Shormi and Farah Sharmin. Watch it on
NTV Bangla online through JumpTV.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Watch SIddiqua Kabir's Recipe Online via JumpTV

Cookery Show - Siddiqua Kabir's Recipe

"Hunger is the best sauce" goes a saying. Any food buff will vouch for the truth of this statement. Everywhere one turns to -- cook books, TV, restaurants and households -- there is a growing niche for culinary delights.

"Siddiqua Kabir's Recipe" stands out among the popular cookery shows in Bangladesh TV channels. The show is currently running on NTV Bangla. Siddika Kabir has been involved with cooking shows on television since 1965. Siddika Kabir uses her own recipes on the show. A postgraduate in Food & Nutrition and Food Adminstrations from Oklahoma State University, she was also the principal of Home Economics College in Dhaka. The show crossed its 100th episode in August. The show is produced by Sara Zaker's Ddhoni-Chitra Limited.

Catch Siddika Kabir and her mouth-watering recipes every Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays on NTV Bangla.

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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Watch Bibarno Bhalobasha on NTV Bangla via JumpTV

Drama serial: Biborno Bhalobasha

Storyline: The story revolves around the adventures of a young couple in a village. Bijori and Tauquir elope to an old railway station. They have no fixed destination or plan. In the meantime the station-master Tushar Khan comes with bad news that due to political circumstances the train will not come for 48 hours.

The worried couple seek help from Khan. While there is no hotel or good lodging in this isolated area, Tushar manages to arrange a bungalow for the couple. Meanwhile the couple realises that they have fallen into a trap engineered by a wrong doer. The story then takes a dramatic turn. The audience must wait to find out what happens next.

The serial has gained popularity for its distinctive story line. It is aired on NTV Bangla at 9.50pm, every Sunday.

Casting: Dilara Zaman, KS Firoz, Touqir Ahmed, Bijori Barkat Ullah, Shams Shumon, Mir Sabbir, Richi Solaiman, Tushar Khan, Sohana Saba and others.

Written and directed by Murad Parvez.

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Saturday, December 2, 2006

Frankly Speaking -Watch Online via JumpTV

'Frankly Speaking' is an interview based programme aired on NTV Bangla. It is a refreshing effort to bring expatriates in Bangladesh who hold important positions or are somehow related to the development of the country, closer to the people. Frankly Speaking is the first English programme on NTV Bangla and is hosted by Nadeem Quader.

There are many diplomats or officials of important international organisations in the newspapers, but the common people seldom really get to know beyond what is written about them. Expatriates, on the other hand get to interact with only a handful of local people. Frankly speaking, provides a platform that allows expatriates to express their views and more importantly, answer questions related to Bangladesh, something that many viewers are interested in. The programme was first aired two years ago and started off with the first guest being Pakistan's foreign minister, Khursheed M Kasuri. Diplomats coming or leaving the country are also interviewed.

'Frankly speaking' is not a hard-hitting face to face interview programme where the interviewer brings the interviewee to his knees by jabbing him with unpleasant questions. But one or two less diplomatic questions are asked in order to get an honest view. One of his guests was British High Comissioner Anwar Chowdhury and he was asked about the bomb blasts, one of which almost killed him. He in his turn openly expressed his concern about the political bickering of the two women leaders of the country.

Occasionally Quader takes the show outside Bangladesh to get a feedback from people in other countries. Quader, who is the correspondent for Press Trust of India (PTI) and Research Associate of Reader's Digest, plans to travel to the SAARC countries for the upcoming Summit. The programme is produced by Monowar Shahadat.

Telecasted fortnightly on Tuesdays at 06:50 pm.

Watch it on NTV Bangla online via JumpTV.

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